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Facebook in SA Goes 'Mainstream'
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Tech News

Facebook Personalises Like Button

2011-04-26 10:53:00

Social networking giant Facebook has begun implementing a new ‘Send’ button, allowing members of groups to post links etc. to a select few.

According to Elliot Lynde, Groups team engineer for Facebook, the new ‘Send’ button is one of the enhancements being rolled out specifically for Facebook Groups – a feature launched in October of last year.

“A year ago, we launched the ‘Like’ button, which gives you a quick way to share the things you find on the Web with all your friends,” he said.

“But there are times when you find something that you only want to share with a few specific people,” he added.

The new feature for Groups will make it possible for people to share, for example, links to useful information relating to business only to those whom the information will be relevant.

“Say you’re on Orbitz and want to tell your roommates about a great idea for a summer vacation, or you come across a Huffington Post article that you only want to share with people at work. With the new Send button, now you can share things with any of your Groups or individual friends on Facebook,” Lynde explained.

In addition to this, Group members will be able to upload and share entire photo albums to other members of the group.

Facebook, with over 600 million users worldwide, now boasts over 50 million groups.

“You’ve always been able to post updates to Groups, but now you can post questions and polls for only members to weigh in on,” said Lynde in a blog post on the improvements to the Groups feature. “You'll get quick responses to questions like “What movie should we see?” and “When should we should hold our next soccer practice?”

“Where before you could only upload individual photos, now you have the option to upload entire albums directly to your group, making it even easier to share your photos with the people who most want to see them.”

He said a control for Group administrators would also be added that would allow them to approve new group members before they were actually added.

“For people who were using our older version of Groups, we’ve created a tool that makes it easy to upgrade to the new Groups format. Owners and members of old Groups will be receiving information about how to upgrade within the coming weeks,” he added.

According to Facebook the ‘Send’ button is available on over 50 websites, with expectations that it will soon spread to others.

For information on how to add the send button to your own website click here.

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