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Facebook in SA Goes 'Mainstream'
dotCities has Launched
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Tech News

Wind Farms Ballooning

2010-03-19 10:16:00

New wind farms are being planned across SA, for example, Moyeng Energy (Pty) Ltd is planning to construct a wind-energy plant near Sutherland in the Western Cape called Suurplaat.

The energy company is considering a 286 sq km area of land on which to construct the wind farm, which it envisions containing up to 400 wind turbines; a substation; access roads to the power plant; and one or more 400kV power lines - to connect to the transmission network.

An area of about 39 sq km near Darling is also being considered for a wind energy plant called Rheboksfontein. Moyeng Energy hopes to erect up to 18 wind turbines there as well as construct a substation with access roads and a 132kV power line.

Johannesburg energy company, Terra Power Solutions Ltd, is likewise taking advantage of the rising electricity prices and the potential shortages the country may face in the years to come, as plans for a commercial wind farm near Britannia Bay on the West Coast are being considered. The company wishes to erect up to 20 wind turbines about 2.3 km southwest of Stompneusbaai and is currently awaiting approval from authorities to go ahead with construction.

While these projects may still be early in their planning phases, and certainly quite far from completion, there is definitely more interest in wind-power and capitalising on the renewable energy source that blows across our country daily.

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