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Facebook in SA Goes 'Mainstream'
dotCities has Launched
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Tech News

Facebook Expands Social Networking Capabilities

2010-04-26 10:55:00

Social networking giant, Facebook, has developed an Open Graph Protocol which enables its 400 million plus users to more easily mark what they like on websites across the internet, thereby socialising the web even further.

Web developers will be able to add a 'like' button to their sites with a single line of HTML code that's part of the Open Graph Protocol; when users click on this button it instantly updates their 'likes' and is made available on their activity feed for friends to see.

In addition to this, users visiting the same sites are able to view what their friends have liked.

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that over one billion 'like' buttons were expected to appear on the web within the first 24 hours of the Open Graph Protocol being made available, and websites like Yelp and the IMBD movie database had already adopted the idea, the latter having added a 'like' button to every film it lists.

Simultaneously, Microsoft has developed a social website called Docs.com, which allows Facebook users to share Office documents and let friends comment on their work online. Microsoft is releasing its Office 10 next month with which they hope to bring their applications online.

Facebook have downplayed any questions and comments about privacy risks, saying that the plug-in will not affect any privacy settings.

This new software is envisioned to change the face of shopping too; with consumers able to view the most liked products on websites etc. Levi's said in a statement that the 'like' button and the feedback next to the product will enable shoppers to see what their friends like and what they think is in style.

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